Onyx Marble Bar


A deep enticing scent with light notes of sandalwood and patchouli. Its banded marbled swirls are artfully crafted using activated charcoal for a deep natural cleanse. Unisex Scent. Organic olive oil + shea butter leaves  skin soft, supple and protected from the dry winter. 

100% All Natural Ingredients Handcrafted Face Bar

Ingredients Spotlight:

Activated CharcoalHighly beneficial in the treatment of acne. Aids in absorbing toxins and removes skin impurities to reduce acne. While activated charcoal extracts excessive oil from oily skin, our formula combines olive oil and shea butter to rehydrate. 

Ingredients:  Organic Olive Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Corn Oil,  Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Activated Charcoal, Sandalwood & Patchouli Essential Oils.

Bar weighs 5 oz

Proudly Made in Connecticut


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