Healing Clay Facemasks


Lithology’s naturally-sourced, clay facemasks are detoxifying, fight acne, soften and rejuvenate skin for the most radiant look. Blended with Earth’s rich minerals to tighten pores, promote skin renewal, and clear skin.  No synthetic chemicals or petro-chemicals. Our clays are 100% sourced from the Mother Nature the way she intended.


1. Earth Glow
2. Desert Rose Clay
3. Wyoming Healing Mud Mask (Bestseller)

4. Atlas Mountains Rejuvenation Mask


1. Earth Glow Mask: Blend of Rose Clay + Yellow Brazilian Clay + Moroccan Rhassoul Clay + Wyoming Bentonite + Organic Turmeric + Calendula Antioxidant Rich Organic Powder

2. Desert French Rose Clay: Made of French Rose Clay + Calendula. Sooth + Clarify. Gentle exfoliate and toning mask that smooths skins, reduces redness and produces glowing results.
3. Wyoming Healing Mud Mask: The ultimate in blemish treatment with Wyoming sourced bentonite clay. Powerful healing products to remove acne and gently exfoliate for the softest, clearest skin. Power healing properties used since by the Mayans.

5. Atlas Rejuvenation: Rhassoul clay and added calendula sourced directly from the mineral rich valley of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco is one of the softest, gentlest, face masks that gently exfoliates – perfect for sensitive skin.


How to use: Add a 1/2 teaspoon of powder with a few drops of water until achieving paste consistency. Using fingertips apply mask to face, massaging for gentle exfoliation. Allow to dry for 5-10 min. Rinse thoroughly. Makes about 15-20 masks.

2 oz amber glass jar reusable




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Wyoming Healing Mud Mask, Desert Rose Clay Mask, Earth Glow Facemask, Atlas Rejuvenation Face Mask